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Adelady At Home Starter Pack

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Adelady At Home Pack

We recently teamed up with Hayley and Lauren from Adelady to bring you an easy workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.

As featured in the latest Adelday magazine if you’re a time poor Mum (or Dad), getting ready for a wedding or too nervie to exercise outside at night we’ve got you covered. Our modern family lives of trying to juggle kids, school drop off and work means it doesn’t leave much time for a workout. Having club quality equipment, like a treadmill, in the comfort of your own home changes everything. You can go for a stroll in your PJ’s or exercise whilst dinner is on the stove.

With the help of the Adelady team we’ve created an ‘At Home Starter Pack’ to get you started with your fitness goals. Valued at $92 you can now buy it at $74.99

The pack includes:

– 1 x 6kg Kettlebell

– 1 x Xpeed Fitness Ball

– 1 x Medium Resistance Tube

– 1 x Tempo Skipping Rope


Head Trainer at Fitness Warehouse, Simon Mitchell, has put together a workout using the Adelady At Home Pack to help get your new fitness regime on the way.

The workout involves both upper and lower body exercises, as well as some cross patterning, which is great for your nueral pathways. After a warm up do each exercise one after the other, with 1 minute rest between each round. Complete four rounds of the workout.


The workout:


1 – Goblet Squat with KB x 10 – Hold the KB in the palms upside down, keeping the knees behind the toes, sit down and back keeping the weight through the heels, push back up to start position

2 – Push upwith fitball x 10 – Kneeling down, place the hands on the ball, lower chest towards ball, push back up towards start position.

3 – Fitball Hamstring curls x 10 – Lie on your back, place your heels and calves on fitball, lift bottom off the floor, keeping the hips high roll the ball towards you by draging your heels towards the bum.

4 – Pullbacks with tube x 10 – Stand with both feet on the tube, sit down and back into a semi squat position, lean forward slightly, perform a row movement keeping the elbos tucked in.

5 – Bird dogs x 20 – Begin on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Draw belly button towards the spine. Keeping your back and pelvis still and stable, reach your right arm forward and left leg back. Repeat 10 times, change sides to reach left arm forward and right leg back.

6 – Skipping or jumping jacks x  1 minute

One minute rest


It’s a super simple workout that gives you big bang for your buck as far as burning calories is concerned. If you want to make it easier or harder simply lower or increase the amount of reps, rounds or resistance.


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