Force USA Utility U-FID Bench


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Force USA Utility U-FID Bench 

The Force USA Utility U-FID Bench  is a core piece of equipment for most home gyms. A utility flat to incline and decline bench can be used to perform an immense array of exercises to work out your entire body with focused isolation movements or compound muscle group movements.

The F-UFID Force USA Utility Flat Incline Decline Bench is ideal for use in the home or gym and designed to be compatible with many different squat stands, power racks, smith machines and functional training systems.

Solid in construction and effective in design, the F-UFID Force USA Utility Flat Incline Decline Bench is constructed withSteelForce™ structural integrity, coated in EcoCoat™ environmentally friendly powder coating and DuraCore™ high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex™ upholstery, all designed to be compact with the least possible floor space required.

–  Adjusts to flat, incline, decline and military positions to work the intended muscles
–  Over-sized leg roller pads
–  Rear transport wheels for easy movement
–  SteelForce™ structural integrity
–  EcoCoat™ environmentally friendly powder coating
–  DuraCore™ high density foam padding
–  Sewn rip-stop VorTex™ upholstery

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 107 x 41 x 18.5 cm


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