Passport Media Player

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Passport Media Player

Includes 2 locations: the American Southwest and Northern Italy

The Passport Media Player lets you experience Virtual Active technology on a bigger screen by connecting your home entertainment system to your Passport Ready treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.

Bring the immersive interactivity and breathtaking footage of Virtual Active to your TV set with the Passport system

Running with Passport

How does the Passport Player work?

What if you could travel the world with every workout?
You can. You just need your Passport.
The Passport media player, featuring Virtual Active technology, makes every workout an adventure. With high-definition destination footage and coordinated ambient sounds, the Passport media player allows you to experience journeys through stunning worldwide destinations—all without leaving your home.
What It Does
When connected to a home entertainment system, Passport displays workout data onscreen while guiding you through exotic and inspiring locales.
Passport is interactive and responsive, so you’ll really climb the hills and rugged cliffs as your incline
or resistance changes automatically to match the terrain on screen. The video speed is also determined by your speed. It moves faster when you move faster and it slows down as you slow down.
It is all so seamlessly integrated that you don’t have to think about it, and the stunning visuals keep your mind off the extra effort of the hill climbs.
How to Get It
Selected Vision Fitness and Horizon Fitness equipment comes Passport ready. The Passport media player is sold separately.

Easy 3 step setup process to link your exercise machine to passport and your TV – includes 1 x USB drive including 2 locations: the American Southwest and Northern Italy – other courses available to purchase.

The Passport Player comes with a remote control, HDMI cable, RCA cable, power adaptor, USB stick and owner’s guide. Passport Player has outputs for S-Video, CVBS, L, R and HDMI.

How It Works
1. You just connect your Passport player to your TV using the included video cables.
Connect the power adaptor to the player and power outlet. Then follow menu
options to sync the player.
2. Before powering on, insert the Passport USB stick into the player.
3. Follow the menu prompts to move through the included destinations.
Where You Can Go
Two destinations are included with the Passport media player. You can explore Northern Italy
or the American Southwest.
• Northern Italy
Alpine passageways. Historic beaches. Romantic gondoliers. Journey through the vast
natural and cultural wonders of Northern Italy. Begin in snow-capped mountains, descend
to historic seaside towns and finish in the twilight as the sun sets over beautiful Venice.
• American Southwest
Sandstone buttes. Canyon descents. Storied nightlife. Experience everything from the
marvel of the Grand Canyon to the spectacle of the Vegas Strip on this adventure
through the American Southwest.
You don’t have to stop there. You can purchase additional course packs, each of which
offers an eclectic assortment of destinations.

Compatible with various Vision and Horizon Products.

Passport Ready machines

Look for treadmills , ellipticals and exercise bikes marked with this icon. These machines are compatible with Passport Player. Purchase the machine and player separately to experience Virtual Active technology on your television. Passport Player is preloaded with two destination courses: Northern Italy and the American Southwest. Course length 20-40 min each.

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