Xpeed Alpha Rack Rope Pull Attachment


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Xpeed Alpha Rack Rope Pull Attachment

If you are serious about your training then you need some serious gear.

The New Commercial Xpeed Alpha Range is rapidly becoming a true leader in quality strength training equipment, the new Xpeed Alpha Power Rack Rope Pull Attachment is no exception!

The new Xpeed Rope Pull Attachment is an optional attachment for the Alpha Commercial Power Rack and the Alpha Commercial Half Rack. Simply bolt it on to the side framework of the Alpha Rack or the Alpha Half Rack.

Xpeed Battle Ropes are also available – sold separately.

Complete list of all optional Alpha Rack or Alpha Half Rack Attachments:
1. Safety Spotter Arms (Pair)
2. Band Pegs (Pair) w/storage holder
3. Plyo Platform Attachment
4. Dip Handle Attachment
5. Adjustable Rotating Multi-Grip Chin Up Handles includes 2 Rock Balls
6. Olympic Barbell Holder (Holds one Olympic bar)
7. Olympic Weight Plate Storage (Set of 2)
8. Chin Up Rock Ball (Singular)
9. Torso Trainer Attachment (Fits both an Olympic or Standard Bar)
10. Rope Pull Attachment (Battle Rope available separately)
11. Boxing Bag Hanger
Please refer to the Alpha Commercial Power Rack and the Alpha Commercial Half Rack product pages for compatibility.


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