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Xpeed Mini Bands

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A challenging addition to your exercise routine


Xpeed Mini Bands – 3 different resistances to choose from

Sold individually or as a set of all 3

Don’t let their small size fool you. By helping to strengthen and tone your body, as well as being easily affordable and compact, the Xpeed Mini Bands are an awesome and challenging addition to your exercise routine.

The Xpeed Mini Bands come in a number of resistance levels, light, medium, or heavy.
This means they’re perfect to use in your workouts whether you’re a fitness newbie or gym junkie.
Further increase the resistance by putting more or less tension on the band.

One of the benefits of using mini bands (also know as booty bands) is that you can make your workouts progressively harder and improve your strength while also protecting your joints and muscles.
For example, if you’re looking to progress your body weight squat, but you’re not ready for a heavy barbell, using a mini band can help add the right amount of resistance without the tension and strain of a heavier weight.

If you’re dedicated to your training routine but are looking to mix things up a bit, the Xpeed Mini Band could be just the thing you’re looking for.
Using a mini band will change the way you perform any conventional exercise.
For example, you can use a mini band around your arms while completing a push-up. This further challenges your body to help you to reach those desired fitness gains.

Efficient – provides a quick and effective workout
Portability – pack and travel lightly
Versatility – use them in your lounge room, gym, or hotel room
Range – targets everything from your arms to legs to glutes
Suitability – ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels
Affordability – they are a cost effective way of training, even if you buy the whole set

• Squats
• Squat Jumps
• Pulse Squats
• Ankle Jumping Jacks
• Crab Walks
• Plank Jacks
• Walking Planks
• Hip bridge
• Standing Kickbacks
• Kneeling Kickbacks
• Fire Hydrants
• Tricep Extension
• Tricep Press
• Push Ups
• Bicep Curl
• Hammer Curl to Row and Front Lateral Raise
• Reverse Grip Single-Arm Curl and Row
• Shoulder Press to Lat Pull
• Lat Pulldown
• Alternating Lat Pulldown
• Side Lateral Raise
• Lateral Rotation

Mini Band Dimensions: L 30cm x W 5cm

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Light, Medium, Heavy, Set of All 3


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