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Xpeed Wall Ball

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The perfect functional exercise

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Xpeed Wall Ball – 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg & 12kg available

Xpeed Wall Balls are the perfect functional exercise product.

Grab an Xpeed Wall Ball, find a wall, and do some wall balls. Watch as you get stronger, fitter and become a better athlete in no time. They’re so effective because you are working your lower body during the squat and working your upper body during the press.

Functional Fitness
In fitness terms, functional exercise includes any exercise that will help you in everyday movements.
Doing wall balls you will work your entire body and feel the effects in real life.
Since wall balls are essentially a combination of two exercises (a squat and a push press), they work a total of 11 different muscles in your body—a tremendous amount for a single exercise.
Muscles worked during the exercise include the quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings, abs, lower back, chest, front & Rear delts, biceps and triceps.

Improve Overall Conditioning
If you’re training for a sport, planning on improving your cardio vascular fitness or endurance then wall balls should be part of your exercise routine.
Wall balls are a dynamic movement which means you will be moving during the entire exercise.
They’re not only a strength exercise, but also really push your aerobic capacity. Exercising with wall balls regularly will increase your athletic performance in a very short period of time.

Increase Explosive Power
At the bottom of the squat with your butt squeezed, your shoulders pulled back, abs contracted, focus on the spot you want the ball to hit when you rise up.
When you’re exhausted you will want to get the ball up the wall the most efficient way possible. The best way to do this is to use explosive power to get it there.

Wall Ball Exercise
1/ Firstly, grab an Xpeed Wall Ball. The weight you choose will vary depending on your fitness level.
Beginners will start with a 4kg or 6kg ball, however advanced exercisers can start with an 8kg, 10kg, or 12kg ball.
2/ Standing with your feet at shoulder width apart, face a wall and hold the Xpeed Wall Ball at your chest.
3/ Pull your shoulders back keeping your chest up high. Descend into a full squat, go as low as possible while keeping the wall ball at your chest.
4/ Upon reaching your full squat, immediately drive through your heels explosively to a standing position.
5/ At the standing position, immediately throw the ball up into the wall. Aim to hit the wall at a height of around 3  metres.
6/ Catch the ball on the rebound, squat again, and repeat.


Get an Xpeed Wall Ball today so you can train regularly, increasing your athletic performance in no time at all!


Xpeed Wall Balls have a warranty period of 90 days for both commercial or domestic use.
In order to increase the longevity of this item, we strongly recommend using this product on artificial turf, rubber floor tiles, carpet or interlocking floor mats.
Avoid using this item directly on concrete or any hard surface.
Never slam wall balls, as they may split which will void the warranty.

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4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg


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